Don’t take my word for it…

Jeff Chassen,
VP, Product & Software
Real Networks

“…we were able to move to a much more collaborative, fun place….”

Colin Merry,
Director of Development,
Tableau Software

“Coaching is not about me being fixed, it’s about me becoming the best manager I can be.

Chinmaya Samanta,
Executive Director,
Tivity Health

“From frustration to happiness!”

Chinmaya Samanta, Executive Director, Tivity Health

“From frustration to happiness!”

Ben Vaught, CEO, Demand Star

Joseph has a knack for getting to the core of what an organization should do to improve results. He draws from a deep pool of knowledge of leadership, organizational development, Agile methodologies, and team-building experience, and presents his recommendations in a thoughtful effective manner.

Matt Kramer,
Agile Coach

“I have been able to step ahead 3 to 4 years on the career path…”

DJ Vick,
Senior Pastor,
Eastside Foursquare

“There were ‘Aha’ moments after ‘Aha’ moments…”

Nick White, PhD,
Producy Owner,
Tivity Health

having the time to spend with you to reflect on what are the things that can make us better…super helpful and not available for the most part because everybody is super busy.

Colin Merry, Director of Development, Tableau Softawre

“Coaching is not about me being fixed, it’s about me becoming the best manager I can be.

Chrissy Larsen, CEO, Pivitous Collective

Joseph helped mentor me through multiple business frustrations as I was developing my systems and business infrastructure. What I appreciated most was his ability to simplify complicated situations and create a seamless approach that I would have never thought of on my own.

Char Aukland, Owner, Whole Story Health Coaching

“You caused me to look deeper in to what drives me within minutes. It was amazing!”

Jarrod Haning, Master Coach, Mindset Performance

Joseph REALLY knows his stuff. I was frequently impressed with his leadership insights and practical strategies. Not everyone can afford him, but don’t let that stop you. A SINGLE phone call with him can provide the game-changing insight to level up your business.

Jennifer Smith, Program Manager, Real Networks

Joseph took a group of people who were extremely wary of Agile, and guided us gently but firmly. Joseph “gets” our business, and he is willing to deal with tough questions and resistance. He set us onto a path to success that we were unable to achieve with a previous consultant, and gave us the tools and the will to continue to improve our process.

Thierry D’Hers, VP Product Development, Tableau Softwarer

Joseph has contributed heavily through his wise and thoughtful advice to our leadership team. He has had a strong hand in helping us evolve our management style and adopt a servant leadership mindset and approach…I am very thankful we had a chance to work together and for the positive influence and contribution he made to Tableau. 

Kyle Gupton, Director Product Management, Tableau Software

He has a clear-sighted vision for how 21st century management ideas can improve both the human and business sides of the workplace. I find Joseph’s ability to identify the key elements in a wide variety of coaching opportunities extremely helpful, making the time we spend together critical to my personal development as a leader.

Austin Dahl
Austin DahlDirector of Engineering, Tableau Software
I can report that the [executive leadership coahcing] sessions are full of practical advice for getting through the normal ups and downs of running several scrum teams.
Bob Horn
Bob HornPastor, Eastside Foursquare
Joseph helped me organize my business by showing me simple but incredibly useful business productivity and scheduling tools. I recommend him to anyone who needs to get more productive, strategic, and effective.
Denise Thompson
Denise ThompsonProgram Manager, Organic Valley
Joseph is a rare gem in the world of trainers. He brings enthusiasm, real-world expertise, and measurable value to every training session. I highly recommend Joseph as an expert trainer and coach.
Sammer Bendre
Sammer BendreDirector of Engineering, Tableau Software
Joseph is an undoubted expert in his field. It’s a pleasure to work with a person so dedicated and committed. Your energy is our inspiration!

Christa Dahlke, Account Director for Kforce Healthcare Technology

Joseph has been instrumental in the communication, teamwork, and organization of the 5010 project at Regence Blue Shield. As the Senior Project Manager managing this multi-million dollar project, his leadership ability and key knowledge of the Agile process has brought a level of effectiveness to this team and critical healthcare initiative. Personally, Joseph’s Agile coaching and internal communication channels have been the biggest support to me and the consultants we have placed on this project. I would highly recommend Joseph for any project and specifically, bringing in Agile methodology, because of the team and project success that will come with it.

Karen Blasi
Karen BlasiExecutive Director, NW Hope & Healing Foundation
I have worked with Joseph over the past 5+ years. We have been colleagues at two different employers. In addition to Joseph’s enthusiasm for process and project management, he has continued to demonstrate significant integrity. Joseph is a strong addition to any institution.
John Garrigues, PMP
John Garrigues, PMPSr Environment Coordinator, Cambia Health Solutions
Joseph has at least 4 project managers working projects for him within his larger program of projects. Joseph has a finger on the pulse of all projects while portraying a nice easy going approachable project manager role. He’s very easy to work with and knows when to turn up the heat to escalate an issue that could become a roadblock on his projects. It’s a pleasure to work with Joseph.
Susan Dyer
Susan DyerFounder - President - Certified EOS Implementer, Traction Squared
Joseph Flahiff is one of the best project managers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Joseph is able to easily navigate an organization and its political climate. He is an Agile Guru, has a great sense of humor and is respected at levels through an organization. I would highly recommend him.
Joshua Burgin
Joshua BurginTechnical Advisor to the SVP, Amazon AWS
Joseph took on a leadership role in promoting project management best practices throughout our organization. His efforts are a key reason for the continued success and growth of our Project Management Office.

Trux Dole, Business design executive relentlessly driving to transform the healthcare system

Joseph is one of those rare PM’s who consistently brings a proactive energy to the project and can think strategically as well as tactically. His help was integral to our success with Regence’s first efforts to bring greater transparency to healthcare costs and quality and in the development of web features that are now considered market leading. Blending a facility for deep thinking and sensitivity to stakeholder management with a practical approach to Agile development, Joseph would be on my short list for any project team I was putting together.

JaVaid Asghar, Business Intelligence Consultant at BLUE ORIGIN

I know Joseph while working on a project where he not only managed the project but coached the team on Agile Development Process. I would say he is a great person at heart and a prepared Coach and Trainer on Agile Development Methodologies. His process of teaching is so simple and understandable that it lets your team adopt the Agile process quickly and make it a cause for your organization to cut cost and have higher ROI. I would definitely recommend working with him especially if you are thinking about implementing Agile Development Process within your organization since he is the best I know in the area who have lot of success with his experience.

Brodie Dychinco, Leading Population Health at Amazon

Joseph was the project manager of a complex multi-system consumer engagement initiative I was leading. He was effective in being able to bridge the implementation of an agile methodology we desired in a company that does not completely operate in an agile environment. I am appreciative of the energy, dedication, and initiative he brought to the team.

Lenna Slingerland
Lenna Slingerland Software Development Engineer III, Regence Group
I had the pleasure of working alongside Joseph on a large, long term project. He demonstrated that he is a very capable and focused project manager. He actively engaged the team in adopting new software development methodologies such as Agile. I enjoyed working with him on a personal level and appreciated his leadership and dedication.
Lior Zadok
Lior ZadokCustom Services Engineer, Nike
I had the pleasure to team up with Joseph. We worked together to implement Agile software development in a large scale project for a big corporate company. I have learned a lot from him about Agile and project management and I can strongly recommend him. I am able to provide more detailed feedback if needed. Lior Zadok
Ting Fieldman
Ting FieldmanSenior Program Manager, Boeing
I worked for Joseph on the HIPPA 5010 project at Regence. Despite taking over well after the project had started, he amazed me by how fast he came up to speed and took charge of the team.
Mike Arrigo
Mike Arrigo Managing Partner, No World Borders
Joseph is highly professional, skilled, and articulate in his communication and is a high energy entrepreneurial individual. He is pleasant to work with and treats people with respect. He has high standards for his work and is driven by a desire to do great work. It would be a pleasure to work with him again.
John Wagoner
John Wagoner Chief Network and Operations Officer at Aetna, a CVS Health Company
Joseph was a project manager on a key strategic initiative in which I was the sponsor. He demonstrated a high degree of commitment and ingenuity in dealing with complex web applications with tight schedules and budgets. I found Joseph to easily engage with a broad spectrum of individuals with a good balance of assertiveness and nurturing. I would welcome an opportunity to work with Joseph in the future.
CJ Miller
CJ MillerStrategic Management Services, Providence Health & Services
I had the immense pleasure of managing the second phase of the Transparency Web Tools Project that Joseph had successfully implemented. Joseph is a consummate professional. He is incredibly effective at meeting deliverables, managing his teams to produce, while also mentoring them in a manner that allows knowledge and process retention behaviors.
Manish Gupta
Manish GuptaSr Business Analyst (Salesforce), Intuitive Apps Inc.
I worked with Joseph at Regence Group in Seattle, he is the best PM I have ever worked with, the way he approaches the problems and to deal with them is exceptional. He is so friendly and he goes outside his boundaries to resolve a problem which is exceptional. the way he handles the issues is magnificent, with his PM experience in Agile any project will be a success.
Mark Jackson
Mark JacksonDirector ICD-10 Technology, Cambia Health Solutions
I worked with Joseph as a sponsor of the Agile Working Group at Regence. His outgoing and friendly personality makes him very approachable. He has considerable expertise in managing agile software development efforts and proactively shares that knowledge with each personal interaction, via blog posts, and external speaking engagements.

Jennifer Scheflen, Founder, J Scheflen Creative, Senior Content Writer, Copywriter, and Brand Strategist


Joseph blends a detail-oriented approach with a motivational one. When organizational or technical challenges muck with a project’s scope or delivery date, he strives to remove barriers, remind the team of past successes, and keep people headed for the destination.